Live a Diamond Life Part Three – Clarity, Your Values

Diamonds are examined for clarity. The more they reflect and refract light, the more transparency they have.  This is also and indication of purity. My diamond-cutter mother always taught me to be clear about who I am and what I want in life. She taught her children to be honest and open in order for us to demonstrate our integrity.  This also affords her the ability to defend us in any situation in which our honesty is questioned.

When I was in college, I worked with my friend and lab partner on a Chemistry test and report. It was to be a joint effort. My friend did not understand the chemical problems like I did, so I did most of the report. When we got our grades from the teacher’s assistant, she got an “A” on the report and I got a “C.”  I questioned the assistant and he told me I obviously copied from her. You see my friend was Caucasian, and my being Black meant that I knew less than she did.  At least, that’s what I read in his message. I was so upset that I called my mother from a payphone collect (I’m dating myself here. We didn’t have cellphone at that time). I told her what happened and that I wanted to quit school and come home.  She managed to calm me down and told me to go to the head of the Chemistry department and explain what happened.

Imagine my joy when I walked into to meet with this man and found out he was West Indian! My friend and I explained to him the situation and he immediately corrected my grade and reprimanded the assistant. That weekend, my mother paid me a surprised visit and brought along a new bicycle and TV for me. She said whenever I felt frustrated I should ride the bicycle; and if I could not, then watch a comedy on the TV.

We must have clarity about our values.  What values do you hold that you will not comprise in any given situation? Is it integrity, loyalty, honesty? Be certain of these and examine why you hold these values. These help to define who you are as a person. If you don’t know them, take the time to learn what they are. The danger in not knowing what you stand for may give the wrong person the opportunity to define your values for you; thus, defining who you are.

I thank my mother for taking the time to instill certain principles and values in me. Her lessons have helped me and continue to help me on my journey to living my life’s purpose.  If you are not sure of your values, seek out the right people to help you uncover them.

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The fourth and final part of this series will define the carat of living a diamonds life! Until then, keep pursuing your purpose and living a diamond life!

Live a Diamond Life Part One – Diamond Cutters

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Marilyn Monroe sung this famous song in the movie “Gentlemen prefer blonds.” Once upon a time, my motto was: “Baby needs diamonds!” I enjoyed buying and receiving them as gifts. Over the years, diamonds have taken on a different meaning to me, my focus has shifted to how diamonds are formed and the value that people place on them.


Through various science classes I learned that diamonds are purest when composed only of carbon. They are formed when intense heat and pressure are applied from the earth. I also learned that the only difference between a substance becoming a diamond or a lump of coal is the arrangement of the carbon molecules.  Did you know that the word “diamond” comes from the Greek word adamas that means unbreakable?


Why all the fascination with diamonds? I wanted to know how they get their value. What makes them so special? If you take a look at the criteria a jeweler uses when examining a diamond for quality; he/she looks for cut, color, clarity and carat to determine the purity and value of the diamond. We too can apply these principles to our lives.


Just as there are diamond cutters who refine the look of the jewel, so too we should have mentors and coaches who help to refine us. These coaches and mentors will help guide you to understand your purpose in life is and to help you achieve the goals that will you fulfill your life purpose. You are the diamond and they are your diamond cutters.


Mentors and coaches can come from various avenues; they could be your parents, spiritual leader, sports team coaches, bosses, or professional mentors and coaches.  I find that having mentors and coaches help to enrich who I am as person. You should deal with people who add value to your life and help you live your purpose. As I mentioned above, the difference between a diamond and a piece of coal is the arrangement of the carbon molecule. You must be careful what type of people you allow into your life as a mentor and/or a coach. You definitely don’t want someone with the wrong attitude that leaves you with negative feelings towards yourself. You want people who will help to refine the real “diamond” within you; and not leave you feeling like a lump of coal.


If you haven’t done so yet, find a mentor and/or coach to help you on your journey to find your purpose in this life. Please visit my website at to learn more about Living a Diamond Life and A Successful You.


The second part of this series will define the color of diamonds! Until then, keep pursuing your purpose and living a diamond life!

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