New Technology, Old Fashion Touch


I like having gadgets and using things technology brings us. I like hooking up the surround sound on my stereo and television, and figuring out where all the wires go. In my opinion microwaves, washers/dryers and air conditioning are some of the best inventions ever. They make life seem easier, more convenient and more comfortable. Yet, sometimes doing things the  “old fashion” way is the best.

I remember when I bought one of those automatic garbage cans that open by waving your hand over the sensor. It worked really well, until one day a family friend came over and tried to open it manually. He didn’t know how it operated; thus, he broke it. I replaced it with another one and someone dropped the top. This caused the battery compartment to break. I finally gave in and bought a garbage can that requires you to step on the foot lever and it opens. It is working perfectly fine! The same thing happened with the electric can openers. The electric ones broke so easily or they wouldn’t work if the light went out. I replaced them with a manual one that is wonderful. It cuts the cans and the cans open with smooth edges. I have it now for years and it still working well.

Sometimes we need to view social media the same light. It is good to be able to connect with others virtually. Social media has helped us advance our relationships beyond our traditional neighborhoods. I am able to re-connect with old friends and family members that I have not seen in years. It is fun to share information and get caught up on life’s events.

Still, social media and technology should not replace the human contact. As one of my friend said today: “Technology changes, but human nature stays the same.” People still want to have a real hug, to see a real smile, to exchange a firm handshake face to face. We are definitely social beings. Social beings that adapt to using technology, but beings that need the old fashion touch! This weekend make sure you give someone a big hug the old fashion way.

Live a Diamond Life! Live a Life of Purpose!

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