Plan B

Plan B

My son sent me instant message on Facebook that his cell phone was stolen last night. I informed him to call the police and report the phone stolen. I had to call Sprint to restrict the use of the phone. Then I had to order another phone for him under the protection plan I have on the phone. Needless to say, I was surprised when my son informed me that the theft was using his phone to access his Facebook account.

I called Sprint and asked them why the block did not work. The young lady informed me that she saw that the restriction was on the phone and nothing should be going through. I asked her if there wasn’t a way for me to locate the phone, a Samsung Epic, similar to the App on the iPhone. She said that Sprint doesn’t have one that would work after phone is stolen; however, she was told by other customers that they found Apps in the Google Store that offer such capabilities. She is not allowed to recommend one.

I hotfooted (okay I typed) my way to and type in a search for such an App. I remember the young lady mentioned something called Plan B. Sure enough I found the App. It allows you to remotely download the App to the device via your Gmail account. Your device is tied to your Gmail account, thus the App points right to your and installs onto the phone. I tried it with my phone and it was there. I also got an email message that the App successfully installed and that it will send another message once the device is located. The App claims it should notify me in approximately 10 minutes after I text the word “locate” to my cell phone number from another mobile phone.

Check back tomorrow to see how I made out.

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