Nature’s Morning Inspirations for Leaders


John Maxwell recently stated that we cannot motivate someone. Motivation comes from within oneself. What we can do is inspire others to do something or to follow our lead. I agree with his assessment. If someone doesn’t have the drive or the will do accomplish something, you cannot push him or her to do it. He/she has to see the value and benefit of accomplishing the task.

Our job as leaders is to understand that person; then, find the words and/or actions to demonstrate the value and benefit to him/her. But it starts with our own motivation. To motivate myself to complete my morning exercises, I look to nature to inspire me. Being able to see the sunrise in the morning and watching the seagulls soar gives me great pleasure. I use this as a reward for getting up at 5:30 a.m. and pushing myself to get started.

I like to take pictures of my morning scenes and to share them with others. I am pleasantly surprised to find that they are also inspired by these pictures. They tell me that they use these images to start their own fitness journeys.  Nature provides so many wonderful things for us to find inspiration in our leadership walk. Enjoy the photos below. How about you? What do you use as a source of inspiration for starting your day?

Live a Diamond Life. Live a Life of Purpose!


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The Importance of Starting Your Leadership Journey

This is a great article by Jacqueline House about starting your leadership journey. Perhaps this will give you the push you need to get started today!

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