Greatness the Gem that resides within.

Greatness the Gem that resides within.

Diamond Nugget: “Laziness kills Greatness!” ~ Pastor Wayne Lomax.

It is Hump Day! Let’s not falter in getting it done! I see wonderful gems waiting for you; if you put some “muscle” into mining the Greatness in you!

Happy Shimmering Wednesday!

It’s Not Too Late – Start from Here


It's Not Too Late...Start from Here!

It’s Not Too Late…Start from Here!

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of exhibiting and selling my books at the Jamaican Women of Florida Reggae/Jazz Brunch. It was exciting meeting and sharing my message to the attendees. As I shared with them that the one thing my father regretted on his death bed was not living his true calling to be an artists, I am humbled by the responses and reactions most of them had to it.

I explained that my father’s dying regret pushed me to share with others that they ought to Live a Diamond Life, A Life of Purpose. By living out one’s calling, you are blessing others and yourself. A few of the listeners had tears in their eyes as I handed them the crystal Diamond that symbolizes that each one of us is precious and is created for a purpose. The smiles on their faces and the sincere thanks they offered filled me with joy.

One of my buyers told me that he was an attorney and he was very miserable because that was not what he truly wanted to be. He told me he was dying each day he entered a courtroom or reviewed a case. Finally, he decided that he would pursue living his purpose of being an artist! He was so excited that he brought his sister and her friend over to meet me. He wanted to share my message with them.

Another listener was a doctor who treated many patients including those with HIV and AIDs. While it was a meaningful cause, it was not her purpose. She said that her parents and others thought she was crazy for leaving her practice to start her own Holistic business. She said that now she is the happiest she has ever been.

My friends, until you recognize and live in the area of your purpose, you may find that you have an empty spot inside that longs to be filled. If and when you discover what your place of purposeful living is, you may find that others may think you are insane. You may think you are insane. I encourage you to explore it and have the courage to live that purpose. It will not be easy at times, most worthwhile things aren’t. Yet, I truly believe that you will find joy when you see the impact you have on others around you. This is because your Diamond Potential will shine through to them.

This event gave me the strength to continue in my purposeful walk to awaken others to Live a Diamond Life, A Life of Purpose! Feel free to share this article with others that need to be encouraged to seek their purpose in life. Remind them: “It’s Not Too Late – Start from Here!”

See you at my book launch on Saturday, May 3, 2014, 3-5 p.m., at Jewelry Depot Inc. Oakwood Plaza, 2910 Oakwood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020.

If you cannot make it, buy your copy of the book by clicking Live Diamond Life, A Life of Purpose: Diamond Cutters!

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