3 Diamond Carats from the Miami Heat Trio

Miami Heat Trio picture by Artifypics

Miami Heat Trio picture by Artifypics

Here are three great Gems I got from the Heat Trio (Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James):

Did you know you can pick up some great Diamond Nuggets from the NBA Champs? Here are some I gained from last night’s Heat-Pacers wrap-up session on ESPN:

❖ Don’t over think it

❖ Play your game

❖ Focus

Watching the wrap-up session of game four of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, I heard these three things that can be effective in accomplishing any project or plan.

When he was asked why he got the game off to a smart start by scoring 3 baskets, Chris Bosh stated that he stopped overthinking it (his performance).  He decided to just do what he knows: play the game. How many times have you been paralyzed by overthinking a task or getting started in one of your goals? Do like Bosh said: stop overthinking it. Get out there and do what you know. Believe in your ability to get it done!

In his response to a reporters question about playing mind games against his opponents, Dwayne Wade said he and his teammates don’t engage in this. Instead, they go out and play the game of basketball the best way they know how to do it. My take away is to play your game and not someone’s idea of what your game should be. You are in control of you. Do what works best for you in your life.

Finally, Lebron James reminded the audience about being focused on getting the job done. He doesn’t let what his opponents may say on and off the court to affect his performance on the court. He remains focus on winning another NBA Championship. He focuses on what he has to do between the lines that spans 94 feet (the length of the court) to win the game. If we focus on and do the things that help us achieve our goals, we become champions of our lives.

Part of not overthinking, playing your game and remaining focus is learning your purpose in life. Pick up a copy of the Diamond Cutters book to learn how to find your purpose.

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3 Sparkling Tips


There are times when we need to be replenished, refreshed and refined in order to shine brightly. Constantly running and trying to keep up with a busy schedule may dull our senses. It also can decrease our capacity to think and react clearly in certain situations. Here are five tips that I follow to get my sparkle back:

1. Relax – After delivering an hour-long keynote speech or conducting workshops, I find that my energy level is lower than before. This is because I transfer some of my energy to my audience. Generally, I seek out a quite place to relax my mind and body after these events. This prepares me to give even more. Make sure you take the time to relax. Whether it is through meditation, naps or just sitting still, relaxation will help add to your light.

2. Refresh – When I’m stuck on an idea or not motivated to complete a project, I may read a book, magazine, or watch an inspirational video on YouTube. It is amazing how this sparks ones imagination and gets the creative electrons flowing in ones mind.

3. Refine – It is easy to fall into bad habits. At least this is what I find happens to me. I tend to lose my luster when I don’t practice my speaking, listening or writing skills. Going to my Toastmasters meeting, delivery impromptu speeches and writing my blogs help keep me focus on refining these skills. Allow yourself time for the refinement of your skills or ideas.

One of my favorite pastimes is sitting on my mom’s porch and listening to the sounds of her garden. I can hear the tinkling of the chimes as the gentle wind blows. I hear the flow of the fishpond, the chirps, the creaks, and the peeps of the birds and insects. I give myself the permission to relax and let my imagination wonder. Then I reflect on events, ideas and advices from different angles. This helps to refresh and refine my plans.

These are simple tips that can be very effective in letting your light shine even brighter! Namaste.

Pick up a a copy of my book Live a Diamond Life, A Life of Purpose: Diamond Cutters on your journey to living life on Purpose!

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