Fun Facet Friday – Tazzle’s Twizzlers

Tazzle's Twizzlers

Generally, Fun Facet Friday involves me sharing an upbeat music video to start the weekend off on a positive note. Today, I decided to share the latest mini movie my son, Tarik, is in. He is the roommate Parker. It is a lighthearted flick that will give you a chuckle.

Enjoy your Fun Facet Friday and Keep Living a Diamond Life. Live a Life of Purpose!

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Invincible Monday – Let ‘Em Hear You Roar

Hear Me Roar

This past Saturday, Jillian one of my fellow Toastmaster at Gelfand, delivered a speech about Artemisia Gentileschi, the painter. Artemisia was a 17th century painter that one may say broke the glass ceiling of her day in the art arena. Women were not allowed in the circle of male Italian Baroque painters. Artemisia was fortunate that her father, Orazio, also a painter, encouraged her to paint. Her paintings are admired today all around the world.

Like women of Artemisia’s time, many people are still blocked from certain circles or jobs because of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc today. I recall that in the 1990’s I went for a job interview for a technical consultant position. The interviewer point blank told me that he had never interviewed a woman for position before. He made no attempt to disguise his belief that a woman did not have the knowledge or experience to perform the job. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job. A few months later his entire department was released due to downsizing.

I didn’t let this person’s opinion stop me from pursuing the position of technical consultant. I not only got the position in a different department, but I also go promoted later as the sales engineer manager. Don’t let others tell you what you cannot do or that your dreams cannot be achieved. Push forward and let ‘em hear you “Roar” as Katy Perry sings in her song!

Live a Diamond Life! Live a Life of Purpose!

Read more of this story. Pick up a copy of the Diamond Cutters book to learn how to find your purpose.

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